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verhuislift, verhuisfirma Sint-Truiden, meubelebewaring



U woont in Borgloon en u gaat uw verhuis zelf doen en U hebt enkel een lift nodig. Dan kan U bij ons beroep doen op een liftservice met bediener. Wij stellen de ladderlift op en laten alles perfect verlopen.

 If you don't want to worry,... then call on Multy Service.


Safely and quickly all your goods up or down from 90 euros*.

Using a moving lift or ladder lift for your move prevents unnecessary lugging and damage caused by bumps and collisions with stairs and walls. In addition, some goods are simply too large to be brought up inside. They don't fit through the door or are too heavy or too large to carry up the stairs. In many apartment buildings it is even forbidden to move via the stairs. In these cases, the rental of a ladder lift is an excellent solution.  

  • The removal lift is set up and dismantled by our experienced employees.

  • One person from Multy Service always remains on site to operate the removal lift and to see that everything runs safely.

  • Only the time on site is charged.

  • Attention! For a lift service from the 9th floor, it is mandatory for your and our safety to provide a 2nd person with Multy Service.

FAQ - frequently asked questions

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