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Rent temporary storage space

Safe and dry storage of your furniture and household effects? Our heated, moisture-controlled storage units provide the perfect storage solution for both temporary and long-term furniture storage.

If you temporarily need extra storage space for your furniture or household effects, furniture storage may be a good solution for you. For example, it can be useful if you are moving, renovating your house or if you simply do not have enough space for your belongings. With furniture storage, your goods are stored in a storage area designed to ensure that your belongings are kept in optimal conditions.


One of the most important aspects of furniture storage at Multy Service is that the storage areas are equipped with underfloor heating. This keeps your furniture dry and moisture-free, even when the weather conditions are humid. In addition to underfloor heating, permanent dehumidification is important to prevent mold formation. This way, your household effects will remain in good condition, whether you want to store them for a short or long period of time.


Another advantage of our furniture storage is that you pay per day. This is useful if you don't know exactly how long you need the storage space. Moreover, with furniture storage you have no notice period, so that you can collect your goods whenever you want. This way you have all the flexibility you need.


If you opt for furniture storage, you naturally want your belongings to be safe. Therefore, your goods are insured during the storage period. This way you can be sure that your furniture and contents are well protected.


All in all, furniture storage in heated rooms with humidity control offers a safe and worry-free solution for your storage needs. At Multy Service   you can choose from both small and large storage spaces, so that you can store your belongings regardless of their size. Choose furniture storage and you can focus on other things, while your belongings are stored safely and dry.

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