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Do your move yourself....?


Your friends and family will come and help you move. But you don't have the necessary equipment. So you are going to rent a van and a moving lift from a company nearby. The hassles of getting all this arranged are considerable. You have to drive there, pay a hefty deposit, and to top it off you are not familiar with the rented material and that means that a lot of time passes before you move. can start. You haven't started yet and you've already spent a lot of money:
- Van 18 m³, without consumption, blankets, cords, trolley and shelves with wheels. cost 142 euros for 1 day
- Removal lift to the 3rd floor, manual operation, 112 euros for 1 day.
Minimum price incl VAT 254 euros

And you are busy all day with your move!


verhuisfirma, verhuislift huren, meubelbewaring

What is included:
- Truck 20 m³ with large tailgate, 200 blankets, 50 cords, hand truck, shelves with wheels.
- Moving lift, 400 kg load capacity, large platform of 270 cm by 150 cm.
- 1 person who drives the truck, operates the moving lift and ensures that everything is moved safely and without damage.
Cost price incl VAT 247 euro  for the first hour at your location (the first 50 km and the first 30 minutes travel time are FREE)
An extra 15 euros will be charged for every 15 minutes that you work longer.

What are you still doubting!

zelf verhuizen




It is difficult to put an exact price on a move. Here is an “estimate”, whether you arrange your move yourself or with the help of a professional moving company.

Your sister's move cost 550 euros, your colleague's 1850! How can this difference be explained? Simply: every move is unique. And because the price of a move is determined by many criteria: the volume, the distance between the old and the new home, the period, the desired service, the number of floors, insurance, mode of transport,_cc781905-5cde-3194- bb3b-136bad5cf58d_Boxes, whether you appeal to friends, etc.

Are you on a tight budget? Then arrange your move yourself

Young couples or singles do not always have the means to call on a mover. How much should that cost, such a move on your own?

Boxes. You can borrow it from friends or ask at the supermarket. Then they are free. In the other case, a small moving box usually costs 1.50 euros, a large one 4 euros and a wardrobe box 10 euros.

Van. You can hardly fit a cupboard in friends' cars. So you can hardly do without a van. You can rent them for a half or a full day. There are also weekend formulas. Depending on the volume, you should count on 60 to 150 euros for a day + an average of 0.28 euros per kilometer traveled.

Lift. It will cost you on average between 100 and 150 euros, depending on the height. In addition, there is an additional 75 to 90 euros for any parking space, which you must request from the municipality or local police.

Also consider the possible costs for a babysitter and a snack and a drink for your friends and family who come to lend a hand.

Average total budget: between 300 and 650 euros, depending on your needs.

Everyone happy ...
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A company costs much more, but is the ideal solution for those who have little time and do not want to be involved too much.

However, you should not just take any moving company under the arm. Ask three or four companies for a quote so you can compare them properly and maybe play them off against each other.

Attention, some companies invoice per m³, others work with an hourly rate, others based on a volume that they have determined after a previous visit. Check whether the transfers are included. The same goes for insurance, a packing and unpacking service and whether there are additional costs for special objects (eg a piano).

The high season, from mid-June to mid-September, is the busiest period. With some movers, prices are 30 to 40% higher than during the rest of the year. Check this!

Average total budget:  500 euros is really the minimum for half a day, for a whole day you will soon pay 1000 to even 2000 euros when you opt for different services, such as packing and unpacking. But you don't have to worry about (almost) anything.

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