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The following terms of use are a legal contract between an individual user and Multy Service regarding the use of your furniture repository.

1) Payment

  • On the first day of each month, an invoice is issued for the next rental period.

  • The invoice will be forwarded to the email address specified by the tenant.

  • The tenant has 8 calendar days to pay the amount of the invoice to the account of the landlord.

  • If the tenant, for whatever reason, has not received an invoice, this does not release the tenant from paying the rent.

  • If the tenant is 2 months behind on rent, the landlord, Multy Service, has the right to terminate the lease.

  • Every first day of the year, furniture storage prices will be adjusted to the consumer price index.


2) Duration of the agreement

  • This agreement is of indefinite duration.

  • The rental agreement commences on the day the objects are placed in the storage facility.

  • The agreement ends on the day the objects are removed from the storage facility.


3) Termination

  • The tenant is not bound by notice periods. The lessee can notify Multy Service by means of a simple e-mail when he wishes to vacate the storage area.

  • A date will be set after consultation and taking into account the planning.

  • The landlord can terminate the rental agreement, provided that a notice period of 30 days is respected, which starts on the day of sending the cancellation notice by e-mail. The landlord does not have to give any reason for the cancellation.

  • The tenant will not be able to claim any compensation from the landlord in the event of early termination of the agreement.


4) default

  • The receipt of the invoice is valid by operation of law and in accordance with art. 1139 of the Civil Code as notice of default without any deed being required and only by the expiry of the term.

  •  In case of non-payment on the due date, the debtor is bound by application of art. 1147 of the Civil Code for payment of damages for non-payment, conventionally and irreducibly set at 15%, with a minimum of €150.

  • A default interest of 8% per year will also be due, also by operation of law and without notice of default.

  • .  All further collection costs are borne by the tenant.  All complaints must be made by registered mail within five days.


5) Non-compliance with the payment terms

  • Once the landlord has notified the tenant of the termination of the agreement, the tenant has a period of 30 days to remove his belongings from the storage facility.

  • The property of the tenant can be collected subject to settlement of the outstanding debt.

  • As long as the tenant has not settled his outstanding debt, he will not be allowed access to his property.

  • If after the notice period of 30 days the tenant has not removed his property, the property will belong to Multy Service by operation of law.

  • By signing the general terms and conditions of the furniture depot, the tenant authorizes Multy Service to sell the household effects and to settle the outstanding accounts with the proceeds.

  • If it turns out that after liquidation the value of the sale does not cover the outstanding bills, the difference will still be due by the tenant.


6) What can be kept

  • The following is a list of items that may NOT be kept in the furniture depot:

  • All foodstuffs, both fresh food and dry food.

  • Fuels: methylated spirits, thinners, and all others

  • The fuel tank of mopeds and garden equipment must be empty.


7) Inventory

  • It is up to the tenant to draw up an inventory in duplicate.

  • After signing, each party receives a copy.

  • The lessor can only sign for the quantities, not the condition of the goods.

  • If the hirer has not drawn up an inventory, he will in no way be able to hold Multy Service liable for anomalies.


7) Insurance

  • Each cubic meter that the tenant occupies with his household effects is insured in first risk for 250 euros/m³.

  • If the tenant does not consider this amount sufficient, he has the option to increase the insurance per square meter at the applicable rates.

  • After a possible event, it is up to the tenant to prove the extent of the damage.

  • Without an inventory drawn up in advance, the maximum compensation of 250 euros/m³ will be applied. The evidentiary value in any case remains with the tenant.

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