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A lot is coming your way when you move! We give you some tips on how to prepare for your move and how to pack everything.

On this page we would like to offer you some useful tips that will undoubtedly help you prepare for your move.

The right approach

Before you actually start packing, think carefully about the right approach, for example:

  • Pack 1 room one at a time. This will come in handy when you unpack again.

  • Pack a few boxes a day, start well in advance.

  • Indicate which room and box number on all boxes. Make a list of identification numbers that shows the number of boxes packed per room and the total number of boxes packed. It is a good idea to leave some space on the list for any comments, for example, for valuables that are in boxes. Make your mover aware of these valuables.

  • make sure you have enough filling material for the Boxes has.

  • Make sure that all boxes are tightly closed and can bear the weight of the contents.

  • Put heavier items at the bottom of a box and lighter items at the top. Try not to make the boxes too heavy (max. 20 kilos), this makes moving easier: A rule of thumb: the heavier the objects, the smaller the box should be.

Packing tips

There are many things to pack. Most can be packed by following the tips above. Below are a few more tips for important items:

Bureauladen -- Don't put too much into this. Too much can cause damage. Remove items that are breakable or may leak.

Glass and crockery -- Wrap glassware, cups and border separately in paper and put them in (small) boxes. Use clothes or towels to put them in. The heavier items (plates, etc.) must be placed at the bottom of the box. Place very fragile glassware (e.g. wine glasses) upright in the box. Indicate on the boxes that they contain fragile items.

Clocks -- Remove or secure the pendulum of large clocks. Large grandfather clocks are best packed by an expert.

Clothing and curtains -- Put these in clean boxes. Remove curtains from the rails and put them in clean boxes or desk drawers.

Highly flammable and combustible goods -- flammable liquids and aerosols must not be packed. Change in temperature and pressure can cause leakage or even explosion. If you pack these and they cause damage to your belongings or to persons, you (and not your mover) could be held liable.

Lamps and lampshades -- Remove the light bulb and lampshades. Roll up the cord. Do not use newspaper but kitchen roll to wrap it. Place them upright in the box. Stick decorative buttons, etc. to the inside of the box containing the lampshade.

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