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This is what you should not forget when you move! This list will help you plan your move.

The checklist below can come in handy when moving and planning it.

Two months before the move

  • possibly cancel the rent

  • request days off from work

  • cancel telephone at old address and request at new address

  • give school-going children a note informing the head of the school about the relocation plans

  • request information about the schools in your new living environment

  • take the measurements of your new home and make a floor plan based on that

  • order carpeting and curtains

As early as possible, at the latest one day before the move

  • bring moving boxes

  • buy stickers for the moving boxes. It is very helpful if you write on these boxes both the contents and the space where the boxes should be placed in the new house

  • request details of new place of residence

  • take into account imminent departure when ordering etc

  • discuss a mover or arrange the rental of a moving car

  • electricity and gas supply cancel old house and apply for new house

  • maid and/or other domestic staff

A few weeks before the move

  • send address changes

  • cancel gas supply old house and apply for new house

  • cancel water supply old house and apply for new house

  • cancel and apply for PO box

  • notify the bank

  • arranging relocation insurance

  • inform health insurance fund via health insurance card

  • inform doctor and dentist

  • inform the civil status of the municipality

  • make an appointment gas fitter old house and new house

  • make appointment electrician old house and new house

  • sweep chimney

  • inform school or schools

  • enrolling children in a new school

  • make a name tag

  • make an appointment for cleaning new house

  • save old newspapers and boxes

  • make an appointment for the collection of bulky waste

About a week before moving day

  • arrange key transfer old house and new house

  • make additional keys if necessary

  • suppliers who come to the door to inform

  • inform landlord

  • temporarily store money and jewelery in a bank vault

  • make an appointment to accommodate children and pets during 
    the move

  • make an appointment for heating the new house

  • return library books

After the move

  • check for any moving damage

  • return unpacked moving boxes

  • submit a removal card to the municipality

  • address on passport and driver's license

  • monitor forwarded mail

  • contact new bank branch

  • get to know neighbours, suppliers, neighborhood association, etc.

  • meet with spiritual etc.

Send address changes to:

  • family, neighbors, friends, acquaintances

  • colleagues

  • relationships

  • doctors, dentist, pharmacy

  • veterinary surgeon

  • health fund

  • church

  • notary

  • Bank

  • insurance companies

  • insurance agent

  • garage

  • associations

  • union


  • dailies

  • weeklies

  • Magazines

  • broadcasting magazines

  • senders of, for example, catalogs and prospectuses

  • book club

  • correspondence courses

  • mail order companies

  • employer

  • taxes

  • shopping service

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