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Known by many as "the fine print". With us this is clearly legible and understandable text.

The quote:

  • The quotation drawn up by Multy Service, based on the information provided by the customer, is in no way binding for Multy Service.

  • When drawing up the quotation, we try to take all aspects of the move into account as much as possible in order to draw up the most accurate price calculation possible.

  • If the final price of the move does not correspond to the quoted price, Multy Service cannot be held liable for this, unless a causal relationship can be proven by the customer.

  • default

  • The receipt of the invoice is valid by operation of law and in accordance with art. 1139 of the Civil Code as notice of default without any deed being required and only by the expiry of the term.

  •  In case of non-payment on the due date, the debtor is bound by application of art. 1147 of the Civil Code for payment of damages for non-payment, conventionally and irreducibly set at 15%, with a minimum of €150.

  • A default interest of 8% per year will also be due, also by operation of law and without notice of default.

  • .  All further collection costs are the responsibility of the buyer.  All complaints must be made by registered mail within five days.

  • Cancellation of move:

  • A removal order is included in the planning as soon as the customer has accepted the quotation.

  • The customer has the option to cancel the move up to 7 calendar days before the agreed date without any costs.

  • However, if the customer cancels the move within 7 calendar days before the agreed move date, a fixed cancellation fee of 50% of the anticipated quote will be charged for this.

Force majeur:

  • Multy Service cannot be held liable for force majeure.

  • Force majeure is understood to mean: any reason why a move is made more difficult for whatever reason and/or cannot take place.

  • Reasons can be: machine breakdown, defects in vehicles or equipment, weather conditions, accidents, traffic jams, and others.

Driven km's and working hours:

  • The kilometers and working hours are calculated from the registered office of Multy Service to return to this address, unless stated otherwise.

  • An approximation of the kms and working hours can be simulated at

  • Multy Service cannot be held liable if detours have to be followed due to roadworks or for any other circumstance.


  • The price includes insurance for damage caused by employees of Multy Service to the customer's belongings, if the customer has strictly followed the moving tips.

  • In case of any compensation, there is an exemption of 250 euros to be borne by the customer.

  • However, it is up to the customer to prove that the damage was caused by Multy Service or one of its employees.

  • In the event of damage, the customer may under no circumstances withhold or possibly postpone payment of the invoice.

  • If Multy Service is liable for any damage, it is up to them to repair the damaged good, replace it, and/or possibly compensate the customer for the damage.

  • If the customer decides to continue working in rain or snow, Multy Service cannot be held responsible for any damage to furniture caused by the rain or snow. In case of strong wind (from 5 Beaufort) Multy Service can decide to stop the move with the removal lift, without the customer being able to hold Multy Service responsible for this.

Road signs:

  • If traffic signs are provided to keep a parking space free, and yet a third party is parked in this place, Multy Service cannot be responsible for this and the lost hours will be invoiced in full to the customer.

  • In turn, the customer then has the option of recovering any damage incurred from the liable third party.


  • After the move, a calculation is made immediately of the costs, which must be paid in full and in cash to Multy Service.

  • In case of non-cash payment, a 3% administration fee will be charged.

  • In the event of non-payment 30 days after the work has been carried out, an administrative compensation of 30% will be charged with a minimum of 150 euros.

  • In the event of late payment, 10% interest will be charged, to be counted from the day of the work carried out until the day of payment.

Rental of packaging material:

  • Certain packaging materials can be rented.

  • The customer pays for the packaging material when moving.

  • After the customer has returned the packaging material in good condition (not written on, not torn or broken), the customer will be refunded half of the packaging material. 

Known by many as "the fine print". At Multy Service Verhuisfirma this is clearly legible and understandable text.

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