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Our partners

Multy Service works  together with many Immo offices. We mean added value for each other and the customer can only benefit from that.

Verhuisdozen GRATIS
  • Your real estate agency gives you 10 moving boxes worth 29 euros for FREE.

  • If you are a customer of one of the real estate agencies listed below

  • If You use the services of  Multy Service

  • *If the amount of the moving quote exceeds 300 euros.

Sint-Truiden office

Luikerstraat 81

3800 Sint-Truiden

Alken office

235 Stone Road

3570 Alken

Your home base in real estate

Sint-Truiden office

Driving school street 46

3800 Sint-Truiden

Geel Blauw.png

The satisfaction of our customers is number one

Sint-Truiden office

Name vest 78

3800 Sint-Truiden

Immo Vesta.png

FREE estimate !

Sint-Truiden office

Diesterstraat 45

3800 Sint-Truiden

Sint-Truidense wooncentrale.png

We offer you just that little bit more.....

Sint-Truiden office

18 Minor Brothers Street

3800 Sint-Truiden


Reliability, efficiency and experience in the three real estate pillars!

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