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  • How far in advance should I apply for my move?
    We have a schedule. Our principle is that the customer who is the first to accept his quotation will also be the first to be added to the planning. Once our agenda is full, we can no longer accept assignments for that day. We will then propose an alternative moving date. So if you want to move on a specific date, you won't be able to book your move soon enough. In the meantime, you can already start with a request for quotation, this does not commit you to anything.
  • I would like to have a quote for a service. How do I work?
    To receive a price for a moving service, please enter a quotation form in . Enter as much information as possible. Based on the information you send us, we will provide you with a quote that meets your needs.
  • How do I record my move?
    We like to communicate with our customers via email. The best way to record your move is as follows: You can complete one of the forms on our website. Try to provide as much information as possible so that the quotation approaches reality. Based on the information provided, we will send you a tailor-made price offer. You are reading this quotation. If you have any questions.... you can always ask us. If everything is clear and you agree with its contents, you can accept the offer by pressing the button. You will receive a confirmation that you have accepted your quote. We plan your move. Your relocation appointment is now final. You don't have to pay an advance. After the move we draw up a statement that must be paid in cash.
  • How can I pay after the requested service?
    We ask for cash payment after our moving service. This means that after the removal service we draw up a statement that must then be paid on the spot. There are several ways this can happen: - You have cash - You pay with Payconiq, an application that most banks offer. NB! a payment limit of max 250 euros is usually set here.- You make an instant transfer with your smartphone. Our people do NOT have a bancontact machine with them. We do not accept payments by bank transfer (with the exception of permanent partners).
  • How much parking space should I  provide for the removal lift?
    Our removal lifts are pulled by a vehicle. The total length is 10 meters or at least 2 parking spaces.
  • How is the time calculated for a lift service?
    For the first hour we have a fixed fixed price, depending on where you live. The first hour is the time from we arrive at your place until the next 60 minutes. This includes setting up and dismantling the lift. Depending on the situation, we take an average of 7 minutes to set up the lift and 5 minutes to dismantle the lift. Sometimes we have to provide special protection to prevent damage. In the remaining time you can make full use of the removal lift. Our experience shows that you can already bring a large amount of furniture up or down at this time. If it does run out... we will charge you a supplement of 18.5 euros per extra 15 minutes. The message is.... if you are well prepared, you will be able to work more efficiently.
  • What can I expect from the operator?
    A lift service means that 1 person from Multy Service comes to your address with the removal lift. This person sets up the removal lift and then breaks it down again. While using the removal lift, this person closely monitors that everything runs safely. With a lift service, you place everything on the removal lift and you also remove everything from it.
  • What happens in bad weather?
    The weather gods can put sticks in the wheels. In the event of rain and snow, you decide whether to continue working. You are responsible for packing your belongings. When there is a lot of wind, above 45 km/h, the removal lift may not be set up and the activities must be stopped.
  • New furniture is being delivered, but I don't know what time. How should I register my removal lift?"
    You can inform your supplier that you will provide a removal lift on site. Most suppliers then book the delivery first thing in the morning or afternoon. If they cannot guarantee you an exact time, you can have the goods delivered and ask us to arrive at 4 p.m., for example.
  • I am moving and need a removal lift at the 2 addresses. How is this calculated?
    A flat fee is charged each time Multy Service sets up the removal lift. For example: You are moving from Herk-de-Stad to Diepenbeek. - Herk-de-Stad is located in the BLUE region. This means that a flat rate of 90 euros is charged for the first hour (+fuel surcharge: 0.484 euros/km driven). If the lift service runs out, an extra 22.5 euros will be charged for each additional quarter of an hour after the first hour. - Diepenbeek is located in the YELLOW region. This means that a fixed amount of 115 euros is charged for the first hour (+fuel surcharge: 0.484 euros/km driven) . Afterwards, 22.5 euros per additional 15 minutes will be charged.
  • How do I know which size of truck to choose?
    We always come with the largest truck of 57 m³. You pay as the truck is filled. There are 3 rates , nl: volume of 20 m³, 40 m³ and 57 m³. This way we avoid being faced with surprises and not getting everything at once. An extra ride will cost you much more than the price difference between 2 volumes.
  • How many movers should I ask?
    This depends on the difficulty of the move. What determines the difficulty? Is it a lot of heavy furniture? Will moving from a floor? Is there a lot of disassembly or assembly to be done? Did you have friends or acquaintances help you during the move? After we have received all the information from you, we can usually have an idea about this.
  • From where are the working hours and kms charged?
    Multy Service distinguishes between moving hours and moving time. The moving time is the time it takes to load and unload the truck. You will be charged for the actual moving time. The travel time is the time it takes to make all transfers, namely: from Multy Service to your departure address, to the destination and then back to Multy Service. We calculate these travel times via Of this total travel time, the first 30 minutes are FREE. The total kilometers to be driven will be calculated. The first 50 FREE km will be deducted from this.
  • After the move, there are still things that still need to be removed, what do I do with them?"
    Multy Service offers you the "House Clearance" service. Ask what it would cost you to throw old stuff on the waste container and/or take it to a thrift store. We are happy to help you.
  • I still have all kinds of old electrical appliances, what do I do with them?"
    During your move, Multy Service will take all your old electrical appliances with you for FREE. both small electro (hair dryers, mobile phone, ...), TV's and large electro (washing machines drying cabinets, etc ...)
  • I would like to book a room, but I don't know how big it should be?"
    You will be charged for the actual space that You occupy with your household effects. The better everything is stacked, the less you will have to pay.
  • Is the furniture storage room heated?
    Multy Service has a furniture store with underfloor heating. The heat is evenly distributed over the entire floor surface. A constant temperature of 16° is provided. In addition, the air in the storage room is dehumidified. This makes it impossible for mold to form.
  • Do I always have access to my belongings?
    The storage room can only be entered under supervision. So you always have access to your belongings, but you do have to contact us to make an appointment.
  • Are my contents insured during the retention period?
    Yes, there is regular fire insurance for your household effects. This is included in the price of the furniture storage. The insured amount is 250 euros per m³ taken up. For example, if you occupy a space of 20 m³, your household contents are insured for a maximum of 5,000 euros. If you believe that this is not sufficient, you have the option of taking out additional insurance at an additional cost.
  • Is my household contents secured and insured against theft?
    Our furniture store is secured. Nevertheless, there is a theft insurance. The insured value (first risk cover) is 1/4th of the amount of your fire insurance. Keep an eye on! It is up to you as a customer to prove that something has been stolen? It is best, if valuables must be kept, that you state this at the start of the rental agreement.
  • If I want to terminate the rental of my storage space, am I bound by a notice period?"
    No, there are no notice periods. You therefore have the option to terminate your agreement without notice. You must contact us to arrange to collect your belongings. Keep an eye on! Before you come to pick up your household effects, all outstanding invoices must be settled.
  • How should  pay for the rented storage space?
    At the beginning of each month we will send you an email with the invoice for the rent of the new month. The rent must be paid in advance. You then have 8 calendar days to make the payment. The rent is charged per day and can therefore vary from month to month.
  • What happens if I am in rent arrears?
    If you are 2 months behind on rent, Multy Service cancels the agreement. You then have 14 days to collect your belongings. The outstanding balance must be paid first. If after 14 days your belongings have still not been collected, Multy Service will have your belongings removed and the costs for removal will be charged to you on top of the outstanding balance. Legal proceedings will be initiated.
  • Do I have to pay a deposit or administration costs?
    Multy Service does not ask you for a rental guarantee for renting your furniture depot. No costs have to be paid for drawing up the rental agreement.
  • I bought furniture in kits. Can I contact Multy Servie to assemble them?
    Multy Service has 20 years of experience in assembling furniture from all kinds of brands. If we can't do it....then no one can.
  • How can I know a price for assembling my furniture?
    Multy Service does not make fixed prices for assembling furniture. Everything depends on the manufacturer of the furniture. There are wardrobes with 3 doors that are assembled in 1.5 hours and there are those that require 4 hours. Experience shows that the cheaper the furniture, the longer it will take you to assemble it. Furniture assembly will be charged per hour worked.
  • After furniture assembly there is a lot of waste, what should I do with it?"
    After furniture assembly, Multy Service can take the waste away for processing. 10 euros per m³ will be charged for this.
  • I have furniture that I would like to sell, is Multy Service interested in this?"
    The second-hand market is flat. The supply is much greater than the demand. We don't sell anything anymore and if we can sell something it is at very low prices. So we can't give anything more for old furniture, unless it's really something valuable.
  • I have a house that I wish to have emptied. How can I receive a price quote?
    You fill in a quote request form. We will contact you to come by, to get an idea of what you expect from us. Afterwards we will send you a non-binding and detailed offer by e-mail.
  • How is payment arranged for a household clearance?
    After you agree with our quotation, we will draw up an advance invoice of 80% of the quotation amount. The payment of this amount must be made before the start of the works. After the work has been carried out in accordance with the agreements, we will draw up a balance invoice for the hours and costs actually worked. You then have 8 days to transfer this.
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